Bookreview: Rooftoppers

Howdy, bookworms!

This post is going to be a book review on the book Rooftoppers. The book  is about a girl, Sophie. Sophie is a girl with lightning colored hair who loves trousers and reading. Her guardian, Charles, found her when she was one year old floating in a cello case on the English Channel. They say Sophie got shipwrecked and was the only surviving female passenger. Sophie, however doesn’t really believe this, and as she never ignores a ‘possible’   is just as determined to find her mother as Charles is to keep Sophie. The Childcare Agency and the Police are not so keen on these ideas, which sends Sophie flying into a high adventure.


I really liked the main character of the book, Sophie.  I kept comparing her with myself (But maybe I do that because we share a name). Sophie is really somebody you want to read a story about. Her dad, Charles, is a strong character, and I like miss Eliot too, but its a shame i can’t say that of the rest. Most of the people in this book are introduced 3/4 in, they are shallow and when you just got used to them the book is finished. That’s a shame because if the other characters where just as good as these three I would rate the book higher.


The plot wasn’t that good as I guessed it a quarter of the way through and also the end was a bit…rushed. The end was rushed because the book had this nice little pace and then…BOOM Everything happened all at once. 4 characters are introduced, all at the same time, the story changed and then the book ends.

Overall reading experience
This book contains a really original story.  Kristine Rundell has a  nice writing style. I love the idea of people walking on rooftops and I think she executed it well. Kristine has only written one book before called The Girl Savage (which I am certainly going to read). Rooftoppers is a quick read, and it is ideal for 10 to 13 years old (but grown-ups who like rooftops can read it too) I haven’t said many good things about the plot and the characters, but please ignore my very good and sensible advice because this book is GOOD not good-good but just GOOD. Now that everything is said I can give it its mark and that is without hesitation a… 4 out of five!

Bye, Sophie


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