Bookreview: Every Day

Every Day

Hello there, bookworms!

Today I am going to write a review about the book: ‘Every Day’  When A (the main character) was 11 years old he climbed into a tree. He hadn’t climbed a tree before, but he managed non the less. When he reached the top, he could see everything and he loved it. He saw no detail, nothing personal but he could see everything. You could compare A’s life with the view he had, why? Well because A wakes up every day in a different body. And every day A haves to leave everything behind, he has no friends and family. On day 5994  he meets Rihannon, Justins girlfriend, and finds his true and only love.


I really really liked the way A’s mind works, the way A thinks and the way A explains about not being a boy or girl. I found A’s  philosophy about the tree A climbed very interesting (In the book it’s more complicated then the way I  have described it above). I didn’t like Rihannon, she is basic and irritating. I also don’t like the way A treats Rihannon, A is comfortable being in a boy or a girls body but obviously she is not comfortable when A shows up as a girl, and then A gets irritated. Just give her some time! I also found this review hard to write without referring to A as a boy as A falls in love with a girl. Should I start to question my sexist upbringing?


I didn’t like the way the plot worked out, it was just twisting and twirling around the un-inevitable ending, it also had a kind of expected twist. I don’t really have anything more to say about the plot so lets move on to my…

overall reading experience

I liked the concept of this book: ‘changing body every day’  but instead of writing a funny lighthearted story David Levithan turned it into a book about love. Don’t get me wrong, it works well but we already have so much romance in the YA  section and I also would enjoy something different. The writer of this book is, as I mentioned before, David Levithan, David is a writer that writes about sexuality. I didn’t now anything about him or this book before reading ‘Every Day’, and I was pleasantly surprised. I also want to mention that I love the cover, it is neon orange with the first two chapters of the book written in the shape of a boy and a girl. This book is not a book for logical thinkers (like me), all the time I kept wondering about stuff like why A never spawned more than 4 hours away from Rihannon and why he never left the united states. ‘Every Day’ is a difficult book to rate because it is so different but I ended up giving it a…3.5! I recommend this book to everybody who likes philosophy and is 12 years and older.

Bye! Sophie


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