Bookreview: Butter


Welcome back, bookworms!

This is going to be a review on the book: ‘Butter’.  Butter is fat. Not just fat, but ‘I need a special table’ fat. Not just ‘I need a special table’ fat, but ‘I have a bumper sticker which says I am handicapped fat. Not just  ‘I have a bumper sticker which says I am handicapped fat, but ‘I am 423 pounds’ fat. Shortly, Butter is fat and he can’t stand it. So he decides to eat himself to death streaming live on the world wide web. But instead being the weird, lonely, suicidal guy, he turns into the most popular boy of the school. But he is more and more reluctant to kill himself, as his deadline gets closer.


Butter is a funny little (I mean he’s fat so, huge) boy. You would think that a fat boy who is planning to commit suicide would be a dark, depressed lonely guy. He is lonely, but certainly not dark or depressed. Because Butter is so funny I unintentionally compare him with Greg from the book series ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’. His ‘funniness’ also adds another refreshing, interesting, dimension to the story. I also like Anna, in the evening she is his  internet boyfriend but during the day Anna is Butters secret crush. Anna doesn’t know Butter is the guy who calls himself PJ and with whom she is chatting online every day. Anna is your typical barbie-girl, she has (fake) long blond hair, she has a (fake) tan, and he has (fake) friends. But behind all that ‘fakeness’ Anna has a actual real personality, which again adds dimension to the story. Now I also could give you an example of Butter’s too caring mother or his father who never talks to him, but I think I have already made my point: They all ad piece for piece dimension to the story, THE CHARACTERS ARE GREAT! Really, I can’t name one flaw.


The plot is just as good as the characterization, this is one of the few books that I have lately read which keeps me wondering what happens till the very end. The book had a nice pace, not to slow and not to quick, which kept me interested the whole way through.

Overall Reading Experience

I really liked the concept of a boy eating himself to death, Butter is a beautiful book which sets you thinking about overweight people and how you judge them. I know this is not supposed to matter but I really like the cover of the book too. I also liked the fact that you don’t know Butter’s real name till the end of the book. I loved the book Butter, but it wasn’t as good as Harry Potter (That is my rating standard, only if a book is better than Harry Potter I give it a five out of five) so I give it a… 4.5! Everybody should read this book, it is exceptional!

Goodnight, Sophie

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