Beautiful book covers


How is it going, Bookworms?

I know, I know, don’t judge a book by its cover. But some covers are just to pretty to be ignored, so I went and took a look in my bookshelf and these are my top 5 most beautiful books.


5. Tamar:


I haven’t read the book ”Tamar’ yet, it looks so pretty and the blurb is so good, I am saving him for a special moment. ‘Tamar’ is a paperback with a hard ‘carbordishy’ cover, and also (very important) the book smells good!

4. Smaragdgroen:


‘Smaragdgroen’ is a dutch book, it is the translated version of ‘Emeraldgreen’, the third book of the Gem triology. It is a fat hard-cover book with pretty illustrations on the cover.  ‘Smaragdgroen’ is an excellent childrens book which I recommend to anyone between the 10 and 13.

3. Rooftoppers:


‘Rooftoppers’ was the first book which I reviewed on my blog, (for the people who don’t know) ‘Rooftoppers’ is a book about the 12 years old Sophie who tries to find her lost mother. The cover is done by Faber&Faber, they have also designed the cover of the book  ‘Butter’ which ended sixth on my list.

2. Mathilda Savitch:

image (9)

Matilda Savitch is, again, a dutch book. I haven’t read it yet because I couldn’t bring myself up to start reading it, there always was another book which I wanted to read first. The book is a paperback and the blue feels a little ‘plasticy’.

1. The Hobbit:

image (3)

Who doesn’t know ‘The Hobbit’, it is the book with everything what happend before ‘The Lord Of  The Rings’. It has a beautifull cover with a landscape, the reason why I think it is the most beautifull book is because the landscape isn’t only on the front but it goes on to the back too.

That was my post on Beautiful book covers, What is your favorite book cover, and why?

Bye, Sophie

image (7)



2 thoughts on “Beautiful book covers

  1. Those are all rather artsy/inky covers. As I just suggested to another book buying addict, why not create fake book covers with craft supplies and–in your case–spray them with some kind of book perfume (I am sure there’s one out there somewhere) and place these around/on your shelf? I am sure there are some great covers out there for lousy books. I’d rather not invest in one and discover how disturbed/upset I am with my purchase. There is some truth to that judging of covers business. And, I’ve already bought my share of horrifying duds.


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