Bookreview: Fangirl


Hola, bookworms

Today’s book review is about the book: ‘Fangirl’ by Rainbow Rowell. The entire planet loves Simon Snow stories, including Cath. Don’t get me wrong, Cath isn’t one of the million faceless fans, in fact she is quiet famous. She writes fan-fiction about the main characters as magicath (her fan fiction name) and she gets 35.000 hits a day! In the real world things aren’t going as good, when her twin-sister tells her she doesn’t want to share rooms with her at college, Cath is devastated. She buys a ton of protein bars and decides to just sit in her room, whilst writing and reading fan-fiction, like a real fangirl.


The main character is Cath, Cath is a quiet shy person who likes to sit alone and write fan-fiction. I like Cath, because it is not usual that a introvert is the main character, and it is even more unusual that the introvert isn’t put down as pitiful. Infact, Cath is quiet funny. Cath also has a sister, Wren. She is the opposite of Cath, extrovert, outgoing, and popular. I think that the writer has done a really good job at writing about the bond between two totally different sisters. They have a very good character development too! You have more characters but they aren’t as good, I am not saying that they are ‘bad’ but they are just nothing special.


When I started reading this book I was scared that it was going to have a love triangle, again. After Divergent, The Hunger Games, Twilight and the entire YA section I have had enough. Cath made me very happy in this book, why? because she didn’t do the stuff that a basic YA character would do.

Overall Reading Experience

This book is original and ‘fitting’ for the audience because it is a very modern book, if I walked up to my parents right now and I would ask them what fan-fiction is they would have no idea, but if I would ask it to my classmates, 90% of the people could answer my question  (My father: “WTF is fan fiction?”). I really like that Simon Snow is like Harry Ptter but within an alternative universe , although I don’t like that Harry Potter was mentioned in the book. I also don’t like the description of the story because:

1, They make it sound like it is a book about sex
2, They make it sound like it is a basic YA book.

Only, there is a problem with number two, it IS a basic YA book, only it is a very good one. So that is why I give this book a…3.5! ‘Fangirl’ is a good read, but I am not ‘fangirling’ about it.

Update: I have re-read this book and I have changed my mind, I think this book is worth a four.

Goodbye, Sophie


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