Bookreview: Geek Girl

Hello, bookworms!

Today I am going to write a review about the book Geek Girl. Harriet is a geek, her nemesis Alexa says so, her stalker Toby says so, even her bag points it out. GEEK. It was fine for a long time, but now Harriet thinks its time for a change. So when she gets found by a famous modelling agency she grabs her chance, whilst accidentally losing her best friend and wannabe model Natalie.


I really really love the main character, Harriet. She is funny, smart, and most of all a real geek. And with real I don’t mean ‘Oh my god, look at me! I wear glasses, lol!’ but having the English dictionary on your bed side table and knowing a cat has 32 muscles in each ear. The other characters are the same as Harriet, cliches with original personalities. Except her step-mom and dad, who aren’t a cliche. Her dad is an excited, happy, person (I can’t help but to compare him with a puppy) whilst her step-mom is a cold-blooded smart women. Harriet and her family are my unequivocal favorite family (I may have googled that word).


The plot is bad, you already know the life lesson by reading the cover. I Saw every ‘unexpected’ plot twist coming from a mile away. But I won’t be too harsh, it is kids book and the writers of kids books usually don’t make the plot to surprising because then the kids can guess the plot themselves and feel good about it (Like i did). Don’t get me wrong, even though I guessed the plot I still enjoyed reading the book.

Overall Reading Experience

The overall reading experience is good, the pacing is fast but nice, it’s the kind of pacing you would expect from this kind of book. The font irritated me, the letters where big and round which gave me the feeling I was reading a kids book (which it is). This book is not original, inspiring, or innovative, it is one big cliche written by a funny author who gave the characters a personality. And that’s why I give this book a…3.5! I recommend this book to everyone between the 10 and 14 because it is a quick and easy read which will always make you laugh.

Goodbye, Sophie!



5 thoughts on “Bookreview: Geek Girl

  1. Good review, i like that you took the target market into account. i can be harsh sometimes when the plots direction is obvious, but true kids do enjoy the thrill of being right. 🙂


  2. A very good review. I think the age group of this book may have been a little too young for you. It sounds to be very lighthearted and a short read. Not something you could get your teeth into. Be careful when you mean to write “were” . You wrote “the letters where big” Where means a place,


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