Bookreview: Eve & Adam

Bonjour, bookworms!

Today I am going to review Eve & Adam.  The book begins when Evening Spiker, the main character,  nearly dies when she is hit by a car. There is no need to say it, but of course, she was brought to a hospital from which she was whisked away almost immediately by a mysterious boy named Solo. The  boy took Eve back to her mum who owned a milliard dollar company which designed medicines. Once there her mom gives her a task to keep her occupied, namely to design the perfect man. Now  Ev had to create Adam.


The characters where bad, when I didn’t want to rip their head off, they made me cringe. Take Solo for instance,  one of the members of the kind of love triangle (I say ‘kind of’ because from the beginning it is totally obvious who is going to ‘win’). When Eve was dying in the ambulance after after the accident,in which she had had her leg chopped off, Solo was ‘checking her out’. A few hours after that he was imagining her naked while he was showering… Yikes! The last member of the love triangle, Adam, only started appearing in the last quarter of the book. Adam gave me the creeps too. We were told that he was beautiful and perfect, people stopped what they where doing to stare at him, but still I don’t know the color of his hair… (I have to stop myself from adding ‘…’ after every descriptive sentence). Eve also has a best friend, Alisha who is sexy, into boys and doomed to self destruct ( Eve’s mom calls her a slut, and I think she’s right). Eve herself isn’t too bad, occasionally she made me produce a sound which has a very very distant relationship with chuckling, but for the rest she is just a big cliche.


The plot isn’t much better, most of the events happened in the first 10% of the book and the story was very predictable. I don’t really have much to add, lets go on to the…

Overall Reading Experience

This book was a really quick read, I didn’t really mind it because, as you may have guessed, I didn’t like this book. I didn’t like the the writing style to, it may be because I read the translated dutch version but every sentences was really short and simple. I don’t think it works for this book that it alternates it’s POV, but what made me really dislike it is that every character has the same voice. People say that the writers are very good but just made a mistake with this book, I don’t believe them. I have put off reading Gone, and I will keep putting it of for a long time. I give this book a… 2, it was slightly amusing but I do not recommend this book, to anyone.

Bye, Sophie




2 thoughts on “Bookreview: Eve & Adam

  1. A very good synopsis of the book Sophie, but I think you should check over what you have written a little more carefully. Quite a few spelling and grammatical errors in there. On the whole 8/10


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