A epitome of my summer holiday

Hello, bookworms!

I have written a epitome of my summer holiday, enjoy!


My summer started on a Friday afternoon, but my mental holiday started the morning after school finished (Saturday). This might sound crazy, but I am sure you recognize it when I explain it to you: ‘Do You know that feeling you get when school ends and you are free? But the next morning, when you stand with a heavy backpack in front of the closed school gate, you discover that you thought you where free but now you truly are.’ The moment when that realization kicked in my mental/real holiday started. No more getting up early but too late because you hit the snooze button 7 times! No more wasting your whole day in a classroom (Instead you waste it in bed)! No more making hours of homework when you could be blogging, your free!

Not long after this first vacation milestone, I reached the second: ‘The moment you step out of the plane in a foreign land.’ Only this time I had a pot around my arm, that’s right ladies and gents, I broke my wrist (Actually I had a fracture by my growing scale but I do not think this information is important for this story)! I broke it, on the monkey bars, three days before we flew to Croatia. While I was swinging backwards, my left hand, slightly moist with sweat, slipped and I was flying. The next four hours I spent in the hospital doing some x-rays, drinking scorching hot chocolate, and waiting, I did a lot of waiting.

The rest of the my vacation was fun, despite my broken wrist. I did a lot of snorkling in Croatia, I read a lot, too. When I flew back I was bored and rested, ready to start school again. That brings me to where I am now, the first Sunday afternoon of the new school year. I am not rested and bored anymore and I desperately need another vacation, all the signs that things are back to normal, just like my blogging schedule. I am sorry I didn’t post for a long time but now I am back. You can expect special, bookrelated posts on Wednesdays and reviews on Sundays. With all that I wanted to say being said, ( Not really, I am a huge chatterbox, I never run out of things to say) I am going to wrap up this post.

Bye, Sophie.


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