Bookreview: 13 Reasons Why

Hello bookworms,

Today I am going to write a book review about 13 Reasons Why, Clay was excited when he found a mysterious brown package on his doorstep, but he was mortified when he found out who it was from. Hannah Baker sent the package, you know, the girl who was the love of his life and killed herself 14 days ago. The package contains 13 tapes recorded by Hannah herself, she says there are 13 reasons why she killed herself, and if you are listening this tape right know, you are one of them. If Clay wants to find out why Hannah accuses him of killing her, he just has to click play.


I have to start of by saying that I love Hannah, I love her voice, I love her personality and I love her as storyteller. She is one of those characters you wish never die. That’s one of the main reasons why I love this book, when you start reading you don’t know her and she is already dead, but by listening to/reading the tapes you will miss her and know her better than 95% of all the living characters you have ever read about. The other  main reasons why I love this novel is that Hannah is so…understandable,  when you start the book you think: ‘Ugh no, another pretentious teen who killed herself.’ But after reading the book you understand her choices and feel depressed for a few days. The supporting character, Clay, is okay, but I think he has a too big role in the story. I felt like skipping his bits and going back to Hannah again, also I don’t like his reactions to the things Hannah said, they were too big, t0o exaggerated and too often.


I liked the plot of the story, the reasons pile up, from illogical to logical, and at the end you see all the connections. I especially enjoyed the ending and her last words, with which the author managed to sum up the entire book in one sentence. I kind of wish that I would have taken my time reading the book instead of binge-reading it. Because it was kind of short and it would have been even more meaningful and impressive if I had read it slowly. I also enjoyed the real end, because I think it was a very clever way of telling the moral of the story.

Overall Reading Experience

I really enjoyed this book, it is definitely one of my favorites, I even like it better then ‘Butter!’ by Erin Lange (see my previous reviews), I think this book is very original and thought out, it even almost made me cry! (I have never in my life cried because of a book). I love the colour of the cover of the book, I can’t see it on this photo of the cover, but it is silver and shiny.  I do find it a shame that they put the tiny reviews on the front and that the colored the i and the e red, I think that that makes it look messy. In the book, Hannah keeps mentioning a map, which The Reasons can follow to find out more about here story. Whilst reading the book I really hoped there would be a map on the internet which I could download but, unfortunately peanut cheese, there wasn’t one. I am going to give this book a…4.7! I rated it a 4.7 because it was better than Butter but worse than Harry Potter, I hope you enjoyed!

Bye, Sophie

P.S I have created a twitter account! @soofthebookworm , I made it for those tiny useless updates like these, so I don’t have to use PS’s all the time. But I am going to keep track of what I am reading too!








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