About me

I am an, in Amsterdam based, bookworm. My name is Sophie (duh) and I love to read and write. I am 14 years old, but I have come to find that everytime I say this I sound ten years younger. I speak too loud and I am a geek, also I use way too many brackets in my writing. I don’t have one favorite animal, it changes every time I read a fantasy book, but right now I am leaning towards the Blast-Ended Skrewt. In this situation it probably isn’t necessary to mention that I am a book-blogger, I try to write at least one post a week, whilst keeping up with my homework, maintaining social contacts, and having eight hours of sleep every night, it is needless to say this doesn’t always happen. I hope you enjoy nosing around on my blog!

Reviewing Policy

Getting free books to review for your blog works the same way asΒ teenage girls in middle school and boyfriends, everybody wants them. So if you are a (self) publisher and/or have a book you would like to get reviewed, yes please, just e-mail me and we will sort it out! (I am also active on NetGalley too!)


Like every till-2am-netflixing, selfie-taking teen, I have multiple social media acounts. I am active on Netgalley, Twitter, and Goodreads, all under the name @sophthebookworm (@sophiethebookworm was taken).So if you want to recommend a book to me, ask me a question, or just simply say hi. You know what to do! (you can also fill in this handy form)

P.s I forgot to mention it, but my e-mail adress is soofthebookworm@gmail.com



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