My Own Domain Name: Update


Hello, bookworms

Today I have got some very exciting news, my dad gave me my own domain name!!

It is an independent site meaning it isn’t hosted by WordPress (although I did put WordPress on it to edit my posts). One of the big advantages of having your own domain name is that your readers don’t need a WordPress account to comment, like and that kind of stuff.

My other site (the one with the own domain name) isn’t ‘ finished’  yet and I still need to figure it out. You can, however, visit it already. It’s called (go check it out!), I will be copying all my posts on there over the next few days. And for all you WordPress followers, don’t worry, I am not going anywhere, and this blog is going to continue being my ‘main’ one. The other one is just an extra project I am going to try and keep up. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments down below!

Bye, Sophie



Bookish Dinosaur Art

sophie dinosaur.jpg

Hello, bookworms

I decided to make a drawing, and this is the final result! It’s a dinosaur morphing out of a book, and the writing on the page is a quote from the book ‘I Capture the Castle’. The quote is: ‘But I have noticed that when things happen in one’s imaginings, they never happen in one’s life.’ I hope you guys enjoy this post, even though it’s a little different from what a usually do.

Bye,  Sophie

P.S Sorry for the crappy scan, I haven’t figured out how to use the scan/fax/print hybrid machine my dad bought yet.

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

dragon award

Hello bookworms,

Today I am going to share seven facts about me with you, since I was nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award (yay)! I was nominated by Michelle over at (go check out her blog, I discovered it a few days ago and it is very nice), thanks for the award! These are the rules:

The Rules

  1. Display the award on your blog
  2. Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who awarded you
  3.  Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award
  4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded
  5. Write seven interesting things about you.

I am going to start with listing seven facts about me, so prepare your selves for some pretty weird stuff (just joking…).

Facts About Me

  1. I have a cat named Tiddles, and it is a wonder that I didn’t mention him earlier on my blog since he is the only thing I can talk about in real life.
  2. I have to take Latin and Greek at school. I like Latin, but I really hate Greek.
  3. I may be kind of a doubter (still in denial about that one, I think).
  4. I have started NaNoWriMo this year but have only written 363 words, it’s a classic example of the thing where I start loads of projects, but rarely finish them.
  5. I love to climb, and climbed my first 6a recently.
  6. I am a quarter Croatian, and I can understand the language when somebody is speaking to me, but I can’t say anything myself or write it.
  7. I recently started wearing quite a lot of dresses, I am loving it, but it is a hell to bike with.

So, I hope you liked these facts (they are surprisingly hard to come up with)! I am going to tag:

Jocelyn @52lettersinthealphabet

Kelsy @bookaddictkels

Jenny @jenny in neverland

I only tagged three people because the other people I follow were already nominated.

Have fun with this award! And don’t forget to hop over to the blogs of the people I tagged, they all host some pretty amazing book blogs.

Bye, Sophie

Leave a fact about yourself in the comments down below, or just gush about your cat, they are basically the same things.

What is better than ninety-nine followers?


Hello, bookworms

As of today, there officially are a 100 bookworms wriggling around on my blog!


This is the part where I am supposed to say I never imagined this ever happening, which is true. When I started my blog nearly two years ago, I remember being sooo excited because 3 people read my blog! 3 people I didn’t know found me on the internet and read stuff I wrote, because they enjoyed it! WWHHHHHHAAATT! For two years I have been blogging, and I have seen the follower count slowly climb up, never imagining it being bigger than 5, 10, 20, 50… And now a hundred people read the stuff I write (it took a while for this to sink in)!

Thanks for leaving comments, and liking my posts, and introducing me to the blogging community, I am enjoying it immensely and am so happy I signed up to WordPress that one Sunday afternoon when I was dying of boredom. Ok, this is enough sappy stuff for now, kudos to you if you made it to this point. I will be back tomorrow with a post on being a self-denying fangirl (probably), so keep your eyes open for that!

Bye, Sophie

Simon vs. Fanfiction


Hello bookworms,

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a pretty amazing blog, and it turned out they were hosting a contest: Who can create the best fanart? Everybody who entered will receive  a button, and yeah, I really need a button. I actually wanted to post this after the winners are announced, but I needed something to fill up the hole between a few scheduled posts, so here you go! (STOP READING RIGHT NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T PICKED UP THE BOOK YET, MY FANFIC CONTAINS SPOILERS)

I have retold the first part of chapter 32 from Bram’s POV (chapter 32 is the chapter where Simon discovers who Blue is, and meets him).

And I mean, spark wouldn’t to be the right word, it’s more like ten thousand fireworks lighting up the moon grey sky at once.

I am sitting in my room, eating Reese’s Pieces, frantically trying not to check my email. When I do, however, and see one unread message, my heart skips a beat. Not to mention the explosion that happens when I read it.



DATE: Jan 25 at 9:27 AM


Our email exchange has kind of grinded to a halt the past few weeks, but now he suddenly says he likes me. Simon likes me.

He also said he wants to meet me at the carnival, but unlike the usual fear that washes over me when he says this, I feel perfectly and utterly calm,

next to all the excitement of Simon liking me, that is.

I spend a few moments staring at my computer screen grinning as if someone just told me I have won an unlimited life-time supply of Oreos, when a realization hits me.

The Carnival closes at nine. Almost too afraid to look I peek at my red alarm clock, 7:59. Crap.

I have fifty minutes to meet him, an hour at the most. That means an hour of anonymity, an hour before Simon knows who I am, but still I feel no fear. I start rushing to my car, I am always early, but now I have no time for that.


I shuffle and shove and pull and push, slowly choking in the big, hot, crowd. I am at the carnival searching for Simon, and I am scared he has gone home.

This is when the clock hits 8:27 and I see him.

And I mean, spark wouldn’t to be the right word, it’s more like ten thousand fireworks lighting up the moon grey sky at once.

He is standing on the metal platform leading to the Tilt-A-Whirl. I start to run, and the unbreakable barrier of people turns into water.

When I reach the Tilt-A-Whirl I don’t even need to push down the memory of deep-fried Oreos, Simon is taking up all the space already, anyway.


He is sitting in a pink and orange pod, leaning back against a plastic seat with his eyes closed. His mouth is pulled in a perfectly straight horizontal line.

I start to walk and I keep on walking, trying to outrace the nerves, shake them of and leave them in the past.

I slide in next to him. Simon. ‘Can I sit here?’ I ask, his eyes snap open.

He loosens his seatbelt and lets me in whilst he smiles at me. ‘I like your shirt’ I say, the nerves making my voice quiver.

‘Thanks’ he says. ‘It’s Elliot Smith.’ The operator reaches over us and pulls the guardrail down, locking us in. ‘I know’ I say.

Simon turns to me, slowly, and there is something in his eyes, and I don’t mean his contacts. He is still wearing his lenses and I spot a smudge of brown eyeliner on his left lid.

Simon is looking at me, questioningly searching, when he sees me.

There’s this pause. ‘It’s you’ he says. ‘I know I am late’ I say.

Then there’s this grinding noise and a jolt and a swell of music. Someone shrieks and then laughs, and the ride spins to life.


This was my first time attempting to write fanfiction, and it is actually pretty hard (if you would try to match the voice of a writer, it’s harder still).

Bye, Sophie

Have you read Simon vs.? And did you enjoy it?

NaNoWriMo 2015


Hello, bookworms!

As you can see by the banner, I am going to participate with NaNoWriMo this year!

The first time I heard about it, was Autumn last year (at that point my blog was up and running for six months), and I had no idea what it was and kind of forgot about it.

This year I saw it pop up on YouTube and I decided to do some research (good decision btw), the idea sounded fun and I signed up.

This all happened five days ago, and enough time has passed for me to contemplate about what I have done. 50.000 words is A LOT, and I am drowning in my homework at the moment, so I decided to lower my personal goal to 20.000 (667 words a day, that should be possible, right?) At the time I signed up I also had no idea what I was going to write, I pantsed two stories before, how hard could a third one be. WRONG, the two other stories I wrote both stranded because I was too lazy to do the editing work afterwards (I was eleven) or because the plot just kind of sank in at the middle. Apart from that and my blog I have no experience whatsoever. So I started planning, and with planning I mean PLANNING. I haven’t been able to sleep at night because the story is swirling around in my head. And here I am, right now I kind of have an idea what I am doing, or where I am going at the least. And I am going to keep planning til Nanowrimo starts, and probably a while after. The point is that I am pretty sure  I am not going to win, but I am exited (and with that I mean watching YouTube video’s till three am about Nano survival kit’s).

If you are joining Nanowrimo this year and are looking for a writing buddy, don’t hesitate to add me (unless you are a serial killer, but that means you have loads of interesting stories to tell, so add me anyways). Since nobody I know in RL is into writing or books (at least at the same degree), I am really looking for a few people to venture in the black hole of sleepless nights with me. My username is sophiethebookworm.

Bye, Sophie

Are you going to nano the nano this year? Let me know in the comments!


The Story of The Peculiar Skies

Olá, bookworms

I went babysitting yesterday, and when the kids were in bed I got kind of bored. So when I walked out on their balcony and noticed how beautiful the sky looked, I decided to write a poem/short story about it. Enjoy!

The Story of The Peculiar Skies

The sky is changing at the time I start my observations. With purple, heavy, dense clouds to my right, and pink, weightless, wispy ones to my left. The Sun setting beneath it all. The light and the dark against the candy colours of a 20:52 summer time evening. I look up again, and as I look up, I see that a new cloud has appeared. A red line, but not a lipstick, pimple or spelling check red. More like the badly mixed watercolours of a six-year old. A sickly pink actually. The colour also reminds me of a childhood experiment, milk and strawberry syrup, my goal was to recreate Fristi. It was disgusting. As time passes by I see Aquamarine, Teal, Turquoise, Sea, Tropical Island, Food Colouring, or maybe just Blue. The sky stretches on in its colour for seemingly forever. In a gradient where the lighter shades lean towards the ever changing clouds, and the deepest darkest inky blue rules above my head. Subject to stretch. Now the cold and the dark of the night takes over, the sun touches the sky for the last time, and the edges flare gold. The age of the dreams, and the hope, and the parties, and the thoughts set in. I finish this description, my face illuminated by the cold hard blue of a computer screen.stars

I am pretty happy with how it turned out, considering I have never done this before. If you are a experienced writer yourself or have some tips for me, please leave them in the comments. I would really appreciate it!